Vape Wars: City of Hernando Under Attack?

Vape Wars: City under attack

The Vape Ban Hammer

An article published by DeSoto Times-Tribune claims a vaping ban for the city of Hernando, Mississippi “ignites flap” (Long, R., 2018).

I’m not going to presume I know what the writer means by “ignites flap,” but I will assume it has to do with people in the vaping community getting angry about the ban hammer their local government officials are about to drop in their cloud chasing laps. An indoor vaping ban would ruin revenue streams for every single vape shop, like Mid-South Vapors (3 stores), in the area. One of the most important parts of a successful vape shop is the e-juice. Having a wide variety of e-juice brands, flavors, nicotine strength, and VG/PG ratios goes a long way when it comes to earning a profit.  People want to try different flavors, and a vape shop is a perfect place to taste test something you are not sure you will like.

Yeah, I get it…but come on dude

Listen, I understand there are dumb-asses who will vape indoors where it is obvious vaping should not occur. Those are ignorant people who, like many smokers, will exhale in front of people walking by without a care in the world. People like them are few and far between, and in fact, most of the vaping community work hard to stamp out that type of behavior. So, when it comes to banning indoor vaping in public areas, I’m cool with that, unless that ban includes vape shops. Maybe the solution here would be to move the vape shop located inside a Walmart to a place with exits leading outside. But, to ban indoor vaping at a vape shop is ridiculous.

Your thoughts?

Check out the article by clicking here. That article had me shaking my head in disappointment. Some of the city officials even left quotes which let their ignorance about vaping shine for everyone to see. But, what do you think about this situation? Leave your comments below. If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for discount codes, more stories like this one, and free eBook downloads!

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Long, Robert. “Vaping ban in Hernando ignites flap.” [Website Article] DeSoto Times-Tribune. Retrieved from


Vape News – Daily Vaping Linked to Higher Cigarette Quit Rates

Today I came across an article talking about how people that vape daily were more likely to quit smoking than people that don’t vape/e-cig daily.
I was reading this article and I was like well NO KIDDING! Of course someone that is trying to quit smoking is going to go back to smoking if they are not vaping every day. Come on man!

Look, the whole point of switching from cigarettes to vaping is to QUIT smoking. That means you need to replace the cigarette with the vaping and the correct amount of nicotine strength in the e-juice.
By replace I mean if you smoke multiple cigarettes every day then you need to vape every day. It’s not hard to do at all and you won’t want to go back to cigarettes.

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Here is the link to the article I found. You can read more on it here.


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