Vape Safety – Vape Battery Safety

Staying Safe While Vaping

Keep yourself safe and happy while vaping. This page will provide some vape safety and vape battery safety information and helpful links to keep you safe.

Ohms Law Calculator:

This website allows you to enter the information specific to your setup. It also provides links to other calculators and more Ohms law information.

Click here to be directed to the Ohms Law calculator


Vape Battery Safety Tips:

Being careless with batteries can be very dangerous. We’ll talk about just a few ways to keep yourself safe.


Don’t keep batteries in your pocket. Make sure you don’t leave batteries in extreme heat conditions. It’s a hot day out and you’re stopping at the mall or some place you’ll be for some time. Leaving the batteries in a closed vehicle under the sun would not be a good idea.

Inspect your batteries regularly. I inspect my batteries once a day. Make sure the wrapping is not broken and there is no discoloration, dings, deep scratches, or anything out of the ordinary.

Keep battery pairs together. Try to stay away from mixing batteries around. Keeping them paired will ensure they maintain the same level of condition and charge.

Use the correct batteries for your setup. Be sure the read the manufacturer’s specifications to see what type of batteries are required. Ask a knowledgeable Vaper.

Click here to check out a good reddit post I found that goes in-depth about batteries.

General Vape Safety Tips:

Keep your equipment CLEAN! Cleaning the tanks themselves whether you have either Cartomizer/Atomizer or Sub-Ohm style tanks is pretty simple.
Make sure the tank is empty. Take it apart and run it (tank) under hot water for about 30 seconds to a minute. Do this once a month for optimal performance.

Inspect everything regularly. Be sure to keep the MOD away from water or extreme heat. Try not to drop it as it will cause the tank and other internal parts to break. Once a week use a Q-tip or paper towel to cleanup the inside of the tank and the base.

Drink PLENTY of water. Vaping wicks the moisture out of our bodies so don’t let yourself get dehydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you and drink up!

Don’t use your e-juice dripper bottles for anything other than e-juice. Did I mention drink WATER? Seriously though, stay hydrated.

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Thank you for your time. I hope this short read helps keep you vaping safely. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out for some advice.

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