Vape News – Daily Vaping Linked to Higher Cigarette Quit Rates

Today I came across an article talking about how people that vape daily were more likely to quit smoking than people that don’t vape/e-cig daily.
I was reading this article and I was like well NO KIDDING! Of course someone that is trying to quit smoking is going to go back to smoking if they are not vaping every day. Come on man!

Look, the whole point of switching from cigarettes to vaping is to QUIT smoking. That means you need to replace the cigarette with the vaping and the correct amount of nicotine strength in the e-juice.
By replace I mean if you smoke multiple cigarettes every day then you need to vape every day. It’s not hard to do at all and you won’t want to go back to cigarettes.

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Here is the link to the article I found. You can read more on it here.


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