Stoptober is Just Around the Corner in the UK!

I wanted to say hello to all of our friends in the UK and Happy soon to be Stoptober! If you and/or a loved one is finally ready to take the big step and join in on the Stoptober fun, then you might want to get ready now. I have listed a few online stores offering deals or discounts for you. With the right shipping you’ll have the items at your door just in time.

For anyone not familiar with Stoptober it’s a challenge embraced by the UK for people to stop smoking for at least 25 days. If you stop for that length of time you are 5 times more likely not to go back to smoking.

I’m always available for moral support and any questions you may have about how to quit smoking, and any vaping questions. I wish you all a successful Stoptober this year and here’s to hoping you never go back to smoking! Cheers!

Click one of the images below to shop for your vape hardware or e-juice.


Snow wolf version 1.5 200 Watt

Joyetech evic-vt 60w mod



Author: Javier

A veteran of the USAF turned ex-smoker after nearly losing my life. Vaping saved my life and now I want to save your life by giving you what you need to quit smoking by switching to vaping. Read my story and take a look at my quit smoking plan. Feel free to email me if you have questions or need moral support while on your path to quitting.

2 thoughts on “Stoptober is Just Around the Corner in the UK!”

  1. I gave up smoking around 5 years ago using vapour and then gave up the vapour around 2 years ago and to be honest I miss the Vapour more than I miss the cigs.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I still vape as a hobby using 0 nic e-juices I make at home and purchase online for reviews. I can say that I would only miss the sweet taste and smells of the vapor.

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