Honest CBD Vape Pen Review

Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen

CBD Vape Pen Specifications:

  • Length: About 4.5inches from tip to end
  • Width: Less than 0.5inches
  • Visual Design: Functional and sleek
  • Portability: Durable enough to travel with it in your pocket or bag
  • Airflow: It has two small vents at the bottom end, and an LED lights up with every toke
  • Flavor: Fresh Mint flavor is strong and smooth at the beginning but slowly fades
  • Overall Rating: On a scale of 0-5 with 5 being the best. I give this product a 4.

Vape Pen Daily Use Recap

The disposable CBD vape pen by CBDfx is durable and excellent for anyone on-the-go. With thirty milligrams of CBD and a fresh mint flavor, you’re sure to enjoy the medicinal benefits without fail. There’s no need to worry about charging the battery or refilling anything. I run around town a lot getting errands done and restocking my vape supply with new and exciting juices. So yeah I was excited to give this pen a try. I enjoyed every part of the experience with one very minor complaint. The flavor could be stronger. That’s it, everything else about the pen met my expectations.

Is the Vape Pen Worth it?

Is the disposable CBD vape pen worth it? That depends on your level of medical needs. The pen I tested had thirty milligrams of CBD so it can go beast on minor ailments like light joint pain, and maybe mild headaches, or if you’re feeling a bit sluggish or down. For more serious ailments, you might end up chain vaping the pen until it’s cashed to get some relief. With that said, yes I would and do recommend this product to my friends and family (including my #twitterfam).

Where to Get it?

CBDfx is my go-to online shop for all of my CBD needs. I even purchase stronger products for my parents, and they love the results. You should do more research so you can find something that is right for you but if you are ready to get your vape on then click the link below.

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