Nicopure Labs fighting for the common Vaper??

“We believe in helping millions of adult smokers battle tobacco addiction through vaping products,” said Jeff Stamler, CEO and co-founder of Nicopure Labs. “We believe the FDA is doing a massive disservice to public health and we will keep fighting for the vaping industry to ensure these products will continue to help a growing number of people quit tobacco and start a new, smoke-free life.”

Lets hope their intentions are pure and we get some much needed big brother help with our industry.

Check out the full article at PRNewWire here.

Time to get back to School! Please don’t Vape there..

It’s that time of year now when summer vacation is ending and everyone is gearing up to get back to school. Lets make sure we’re not allowing minors (anyone not old enough to legally smoke in your area) access to vaping products. Lets also make sure we aren’t vaping on school property. If your education center has designated smoking areas and you’re old enough to legally smoke then knock yourself out and vape at those areas.

When we allow minors to vape and especially vape in non-smoking/vaping areas we’re just contributing to a negative perception of the vape world. The last thing we need is more negativity.

So what I’m trying to say is don’t be a jerk. Don’t let kids vape and don’t vape where you’re not supposed to. If you’re not sure if you should vape in an area then take the high road and don’t do it.

Alright, lets keep the industry growing, welcome back to school and have fun!



Vape News – Big tobacco stocks drop!

With the FDA finally running an alternative to tobacco campaign the tobacco industry is feeling the effects. With about a 14% drop in stocks the tobacco industry is starting to feel some pain. Meanwhile, less people per year die from smoking. A step in the right direction in my opinion. Every person we help switch from tobacco to vaping or other alternatives is another person that won’t end up as a statistic for the tobacco death-toll.

Check out this article I found on

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment and get a discussion going.

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Vape News – Are NJ politicians over-taxing the Vape industry?

I found an article in the Atlantic City Press (NJ) that brought up some important points on the crusade against vaping in NJ. It looks obvious that the restrictions and higher taxes are set forth just to try and compensate for the loss of 900+ million dollars the state gains in tobacco and tobacco related situations.

Here is the article.

I left a comment with my opinion. Here is what I wrote:

It sounds and looks to me like the state of NJ politicians are putting out restrictions, taxes, and barriers just to get a cut of the growing billion dollar industry. Unfortunately they seem to be trying to collect that money from its residents.
I propose the state of NJ falls in line with the FDA and in addition start campaigning for their people’s health…not their wallets.

Venomous Seductions

Vape News – Daily Vaping Linked to Higher Cigarette Quit Rates

Today I came across an article talking about how people that vape daily were more likely to quit smoking than people that don’t vape/e-cig daily.
I was reading this article and I was like well NO KIDDING! Of course someone that is trying to quit smoking is going to go back to smoking if they are not vaping every day. Come on man!

Look, the whole point of switching from cigarettes to vaping is to QUIT smoking. That means you need to replace the cigarette with the vaping and the correct amount of nicotine strength in the e-juice.
By replace I mean if you smoke multiple cigarettes every day then you need to vape every day. It’s not hard to do at all and you won’t want to go back to cigarettes.

Check out my Quit Smoking Now page to drop the smoking habit!

Here is the link to the article I found. You can read more on it here.


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Stop the Vape Ban

Today I found a letter posted on by a fellow vaper named Katie Finley, urging everyone to reach out to our members of Congress.

On July 28th, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), made an announcement that, on the surface, is great news for the vape industry.

The new plan for vape regulations extends some compliance deadlines to 2022 and is a step in the right direction, but there remains much room for improvement.

Check out the rest here.

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