Whether its for weed or aromatherapy, or for recreational or medical use, you need to choose the right kind of dry herb vaporizer for you. In this article, let’s look at the different types of dry herb vaporizers.


  1. Desktop Vaporizers


These are known to be the oldest type of dry herb vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers are quite bigger in size. These are known to produce pure and great-tasting vapor however, some users raise the fact that using a desktop vaporizer is too complex and inconvenient.


Desktop vaporizers need a lot accessories such as whip tubes, bag or balloons and direct draw attachments. This is because in order for a basic desktop vaporizer to work, you need to adjust the settings first, then once sorted, put the dry herb in for processing. Afterwards you take the balloon and release the vapor then you can pass the balloon and inhale it with your friends.


Also, desktop vaporizers are not portable. They require adapters than batteries. Due to its size and functionality, desktop vaporizers could tend to be much more expensive.


  1. Portable Vaporizers


These are the most popular variety of vaporizers. These are also  known as weed pen or pen vapes. This is because they are known to be portable, small and easy to carry. A lot of them are suitable to for travel and discreet use.


Portable vaporizers come in various types, shapes and sizes. Some of them can be customized too.


The first type is the convection vaporizers. Convection is a method where hot air is being used to heat the herb to generate vapor. If the herb gets heated evenly, it results in richer, smoother vapor.


The second kind is the conduction vaporizers. Conduction is a process wherein there is direct contact between the heat source and the herb in order to produce the vapor. There could be some instances that the herb could be burned but there are now some new mechanisms to keep the herb from burning upon direct contact.


The next kind is the conduction/convection vaporizers. This herbal vaporizer is a hybrid combination of the two mechanisms. The mixed mechanism is known to create excellent vapor.


Other kinds are session vaporizers and on-demand vaporizers. Session vaporizers are intended for just one session because of the amount of herb that is placed in the oven. Meanwhile, on-demand vaporizers are for those who prefer to microdose their herbs. It also allows users to pause and continue their sessions later on because they tend to heat up and cool down quickly.


  1. Analog Vaporizers


Unlike dry herb vape pens, analog vaporizers resemble your cigarette or joint only it is in the form of either wood, glass or metal. These are non-electric vaporizers. They can only be heated up by using a butane lighter. They tend to heat up very quickly and of course they are not too technologically advanced. There is no such thing as temperature control with analog vaporizers.




At the end of the day, they are all designed to make smoking a bit less harmful and to maximize our weed experience. However, variety makes it a bit challenging for most people to choose and settle for the right device.


Portability will always be a top criteria in choosing a vape device. Although there may be some aficionados that would consider getting other kinds such as a desktop vaporizer because it is hardcore and old school while some might settle for analog vaporizers just for the sheer similarity of it with traditional smoking. At the end of the day, it’s all about convenience and pleasure.

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