There are different kinds of weed vape or vaporizers available in the market right now. The challenge is how to find the right one for you. In this article, we will look at some of the different kinds of weed vapes that might be the perfect fit for you.


  1. Tabletop Vaporizers


Otherwise known as box vaporizers, these are the classic ones with a retro and basic design. It comes with a box and some pieces that you should assemble. This is ideal for those who enjoy working with their devices and is recommended for those who keep their sessions at home.


  1. Wax-Based


Cannabis wax contains a very high THC percentage. So for those who prefer to pick up their levels and taking it higher, a wax-based vape may be the good option for you. It has a sleek design and it doesn’t fuss much because wax isn’t hard to prepare in a device. It’s another great kind of portable vaporizer.


  1. Volcano Vaporizers


Volcano vaporizers for sale could be very pricey but it can be a good purchase. The Volcano vaporizer works by first making sure that the device is set to your preferred settings. Next, you put your weed for processing and afterwards you press the air to release the vapor in a bag that you and your friends can inhale. If you are the type who enjoys having sessions with people, this could be a handy purchase.


4, Stealth Vaporizers


If discretion if your top priority then this might be the item for you. These vaporizers come in various shapes and sizes but are often handheld and of course are designed to not give you away. Some of them come in the form of an asthma inhaler while some come in the form of an innocent looking pen. They tend to sound and look like more like James Bond gadgets but that’s how stealth is done.


  1. Plant-Based Vape Pens


If you are the type who prefers grinding up marijuana leaves then this could be the device for you. This vape pen is designed in a way where you put the leaves are they are and the mechanism would pull the THC straight from it. It is the advanced version of taking weed. Instead of rolling up a joint, you just open the pen, stick the leaves into the chamber and you’re ready to do.


  1. Oil-Based Pens


This is pretty much like your regular vape. Instead of using leaves or wax, you use cannabis oil. Oil-based pens are known to have a very high THC concentrate.They can also appear to be very much discreet.


  1. Customized Vape Pens


For those who are artsy, customizing your vape pen could be something that is up your alley. If you want to buy a vape pen online,  there are some stores that offer services to customize your vape pen to cater to your personality and lifestyle.


  1. Fancy Vaporizers


Aside from the well-known Volcano brand, there are other premium vaporizers in the market. An elite unit can cost around $700 and offers different features like a high-tech interface, an aromatherapy mode and of course more vapor for everyone.


Online vape stores offers a wide variety of devices and are updated pretty much on a monthly basis so that buyers can be informed of the newest device in the market. At the end of the day, choosing the right device is all about knowing that you are comfortable with it and that it suits your preference and lifestyle. There is no rush in having to choose a device. Take your time and see which one you are comfortable with the most.

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