Choosing the Right Kind of Dry Herb Vaporizer

Whether its for weed or aromatherapy, or for recreational or medical use, you need to choose the right kind of dry herb vaporizer for you. In this article, let’s look at the different types of dry herb vaporizers.


  1. Desktop Vaporizers


These are known to be the oldest type of dry herb vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers are quite bigger in size. These are known to produce pure and great-tasting vapor however, some users raise the fact that using a desktop vaporizer is too complex and inconvenient.


Desktop vaporizers need a lot accessories such as whip tubes, bag or balloons and direct draw attachments. This is because in order for a basic desktop vaporizer to work, you need to adjust the settings first, then once sorted, put the dry herb in for processing. Afterwards you take the balloon and release the vapor then you can pass the balloon and inhale it with your friends.


Also, desktop vaporizers are not portable. They require adapters than batteries. Due to its size and functionality, desktop vaporizers could tend to be much more expensive.


  1. Portable Vaporizers


These are the most popular variety of vaporizers. These are also  known as weed pen or pen vapes. This is because they are known to be portable, small and easy to carry. A lot of them are suitable to for travel and discreet use.


Portable vaporizers come in various types, shapes and sizes. Some of them can be customized too.


The first type is the convection vaporizers. Convection is a method where hot air is being used to heat the herb to generate vapor. If the herb gets heated evenly, it results in richer, smoother vapor.


The second kind is the conduction vaporizers. Conduction is a process wherein there is direct contact between the heat source and the herb in order to produce the vapor. There could be some instances that the herb could be burned but there are now some new mechanisms to keep the herb from burning upon direct contact.


The next kind is the conduction/convection vaporizers. This herbal vaporizer is a hybrid combination of the two mechanisms. The mixed mechanism is known to create excellent vapor.


Other kinds are session vaporizers and on-demand vaporizers. Session vaporizers are intended for just one session because of the amount of herb that is placed in the oven. Meanwhile, on-demand vaporizers are …

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Choose the Right Weed Vape for You

There are different kinds of weed vape or vaporizers available in the market right now. The challenge is how to find the right one for you. In this article, we will look at some of the different kinds of weed vapes that might be the perfect fit for you.


  1. Tabletop Vaporizers


Otherwise known as box vaporizers, these are the classic ones with a retro and basic design. It comes with a box and some pieces that you should assemble. This is ideal for those who enjoy working with their devices and is recommended for those who keep their sessions at home.


  1. Wax-Based


Cannabis wax contains a very high THC percentage. So for those who prefer to pick up their levels and taking it higher, a wax-based vape may be the good option for you. It has a sleek design and it doesn’t fuss much because wax isn’t hard to prepare in a device. It’s another great kind of portable vaporizer.


  1. Volcano Vaporizers


Volcano vaporizers for sale could be very pricey but it can be a good purchase. The Volcano vaporizer works by first making sure that the device is set to your preferred settings. Next, you put your weed for processing and afterwards you press the air to release the vapor in a bag that you and your friends can inhale. If you are the type who enjoys having sessions with people, this could be a handy purchase.


4, Stealth Vaporizers


If discretion if your top priority then this might be the item for you. These vaporizers come in various shapes and sizes but are often handheld and of course are designed to not give you away. Some of them come in the form of an asthma inhaler while some come in the form of an innocent looking pen. They tend to sound and look like more like James Bond gadgets but that’s how stealth is done.


  1. Plant-Based Vape Pens


If you are the type who prefers grinding up marijuana leaves then this could be the device for you. This vape pen is designed in a way where you put the leaves are they are and the mechanism would pull the THC straight from it. It is the advanced version of taking weed. Instead of rolling up a joint, you just open the pen, stick the leaves into the chamber and you’re ready to …

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Weed Vaping is Good For You

Given the more and far obvious repercussions of traditional smoking, using a vape seems to be the most obvious alternative. So if you are considering making a switch, this article is a good quick guide on what you need to know about the benefits of vaping weed.


  1. Lesser Tar and Toxins


This is because unlike traditional smoking, there is no combustion involved in vaping. Research indicate that while vaping may have its lows, it is still a far better and safer option than smoking. Because there is no cumbustion involved in vaping, it reduces the more than 7,000 substances that enters the body every time you light up. In vaping, there are fewer toxins and tar that enters the cardiopulmonary system which reduces the risk of constantly coughing as well as lowering the risk of severe bronchitis and cancer.


  1. It is Easier on the Respiratory System


A recent study gathered around twenty cannabis users who reported to be having some respiratory issues such as phlegm and shortness of breath. They were recommended to try a weed pen. The study concluded that after a month of just using a weed vape, the participants reported improvements in their respiratory issues.


  1. It Acts Fast


Patients and other users report that when vaping weed, the effect is almost instantaneous and it sets in from one to three minutes. The effects can set in for about one to three hours. Although the effect could be pretty much the same with traditional smoking, vaping is known to be incremental.When you vape, you tend to inhale the pure substance and the oils as itis, while smoking it includes combusted materials and substances that may induce more harmful side effects than the desired effect or relief.


  1. It is Environmental Friendly


Because weed vapes and vaporizers are more of a one-time purchase that comes with accessories that may require occasional purchase, it is more economical. You don’t need to spend further on other materials such as paper, lighters and replacement glass. Weed pens and vaporizers are recyclable as well so in this manner, your one-time purchase can last you awhile and can save you a lot while enhancing your weed experience.


  1. Get More Value from Your Weed


Because vaping does not involve burning the weed, the vapor is much richer in cannabinoids and terpenoids. It is also free of tars and toxins. …

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